Day 81 – I did it!! I have a degree and a slimmed down waistline. Right now life is good!

So as you can see, I have yet again neglected to inflict my sarcastic ways upon you and you lucky lot have managed to have 10 whole days without me spamming everywhere! Things the last few weeks/months/3 years have been manic and anyone that has read this blog properly will know that I am a university student studying to be a nurse. Well it’s taken 3 years but  I DID IT!!! I passed my final exam and assignments the other day, no resits and everything seems to be coming together nicely. NO MORE EXAMS! Oh How I won’t miss my 3am trips to the library with nothing but chocolate in the vending machine for company….

So my Two stone (28lbs/12.7kg) I originally wanted to lose by graduation is fast appearing so looks like I will have to reassess my targets. Perhaps three stone? But then again I might just forget to add targets and keep going till i’m happy.

On top of all this excitement I moved house last week, needless to say my diet has not been top of priority right now. Also, the giant custard tart I ate today should have come with a health warning it was so delicious!

Life is pretty damn good right now!



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